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Peasant Life

Course Description Overview Rewind the clock as we head back in time to the 14th century to meet Vinny Villain, a spirited labourer, as he sets out on his treacherous journey to abolish the oppressive Feudal System and put an end to the system of unfree labour known as serfdom. During the Peasant Course, students …

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Crime and Punishment

Course Description Overview Hung, drawn and quartered, burned at the stake or stretched out on the rack. These are just some of the gruesome and horrific forms of punishment used during the Medieval era. Step up to the chopping block as Kryal Castle takes you back to a time where innocent or guilty were irrelevant …

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Course Description Overview Glenda hasn’t been feeling her best lately, so she’s sought out the help of an Apothecary. Follow Glenda on her journey to find a cure for the Bubonic Plague. Unfortunately for Glenda Medieval cures and remedies weren’t always very pleasant or easy. Join us in our curriculum based Apothecary Course where we …

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